Holiday Hustle

Raising our glasses to each other and the new year!

Things have a funny way of working out, or that’s what your humble writer is telling herself, as she tackles months-overdue reports from events past. Now that things have ground to a halt, it seems we can all use some extra entertainment. We hope this little update is a pleasant break in your day.

We’ll start the process of catching up with notes from December. You may not remember December. You were too busy doing that Holiday Hustle – baking, sending cards, corralling kids and cousins and in-laws, decorating, keeping the cat out of the Christmas tree and the dog from eating the amaryllis – to notice an entire month whizzing by.

That’s not a problem these days, is it, as we’re all sequestered in our houses, being socially distant, and finding ourselves with too much time on our hands. If anyone figures out how to bank some of this time for next December, be sure to let us in on your secret!

But enough about the present day. Let’s think back to that fun evening last December, when we got together for a much needed-break and let someone else do the cooking!

Liz J. opened her doors to the group, and hosted dinner in what I’m going to call her party room. It was fun and festive atmosphere, and the members turned out in force.

The meal was all the more delicious for not having been cooked by us!

The holiday vibe was on display everywhere you looked, from the bright tree and other decorations gracing the room Liz had set for dinner, to the members’ bright dresses – one even included lights. It was a warm and welcome break from a busy, busy month.

We’d probably enjoy a dose of that hustle and bustle – as well as the company of each other – right about now. Alas, it’s wise to stay cooped up, safe and sound, until the vile virus is beaten back.

For now, we’ll put our feet up, pour another hot drink, and remember what it was like to be so busy!

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