I Get Pie with a Little Help from My Friends

You know it’s going to be a good night at Garden Club when you see Phyllis stroll in bearing something wonderful she baked. Earlier this year, her peach cobbler nearly caused a frenzy. Some members started talking to her about baking, and one thing led to another, and next thing you know, Phyllis volunteered to teach us how to make pies for our November program.

The pie assembly line

Teaching a group to bake – in your home kitchen – might sound daunting, but not if you’re Phyllis. She operates at scale – making a freezer full of pies at a time, when the rest of us might feel happy if we produced just one.

To prepare for the evening’s lesson, Phyllis and some volunteers cleaned apples, measured ingredients and set up a mis en place that would have won Cordon Bleu approval.

Phyllis demonstrates the fine art of making pastry

Phyllis demonstrated how it’s done, and then everyone got down to business. All members left with a pie in hand. This humble reporter can tell you from first hand experience that the results were delicious!

Our very own Queen of Tarts with a nearly-finished pie. Look at that gorgeous scalloped edge!

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