The Spice of Life

Our September meeting offered something for every taste, in the form of a terrific program titled “The Lure of Lore of Spices,” presented by Chasity Marini of The Spice House in Evanston.

Our presenter Chastity Marini from The Spice House in Evanston

We learned why vanilla is so expensive (it’s the product of an orchid, the flower of which blooms just one day, and requires pollination by one type of bee.) Fun fact: a vanilla “bean” isn’t actually a bean – it’s a pod that is filled with zillions of tiny beans, each of which has the potential to grow into a vanilla orchid plant, (or go into that cake you’re baking!). Lots of other fun facts about different spices, their uses and lore were shared, and we all walked away with a little gift from The Spice House – baggies of herbs de Provence, lavender and hibiscus blooms.

Our minds full from the presentation, we then were faced with difficult choices when we were faced with the glorious array of treats our hostesses and members provided. Peach cobbler with ice cream or cheesecake with blueberries? (Hint: the winning answer to that question is BOTH!)

Finally, Susie spotted an interesting event on Facebook hosted by our peer club, the Town & Country Garden Club of Libertyville, that she wanted to share – daylong event featuring Mike McDonald on natural wonders in the Chicago area, scheduled on November 2, 9:00 – 3:00 at White Deer Run Golf Club in Vernon Hills. Link to all the details:

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